Wanderlust Canister Candle Cape Byron


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/’wɒndəlʌst/, n. an instinctive impulse to rove or travel about. Smell is the most evocative of our senses, often taking us to another time and another place. Our Wanderlust range is inspired by our travels across the world, capturing and sharing a little piece of each destination's essence. Each candle has been designed and hand poured at the Down To The Woods studio in Melbourne, Australia. Wanderlust Cape Byron Candle has tones of salty sea air, tropical lime and coconut. Cape Byron’s inspiration comes from many a soothing day spent in the world famous seaside town of Byron Bay and the surrounding Northern NSW coast. This almost magical stretch of Australian coastline makes you feel alive and full of vitality, the salty sea air breathing life back into your every pore. Byron is an escapist’s escape, with its sanguine effect lavished upon those that visit. Handmade from pure soy wax, the finest of oils and lead free wick. Enjoy approximately 72 hours of burn time. After use, repurpose the tin and bag, pin up this postcard - a little snap of our last trip to this idyllic part of the world.



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Assembled Height 0.120m
Assembled Width 0.095m